Khushi library is one of the best toy and book lending services in the city today. We opened in 2007 with a variety of exquisite, expressive and engaging books and toys for children. Aimed at providing stimulating and enjoyable experiences, our library service is timely and simple. Built with love over 11 years, Khushi promises an amazing range of over 10,000 books and 3,000 toys for children of all age groups. We help you find the books you are looking for and also recommend books on the subject area of interest.


Our Vision

Happy Children

Our Mission

Lending high quality books and toys that educate and aid development

Our Founder

Khushi is a brainchild of Ms. Aruna Karia who is a wealth of experience in the knowledge and play space. A brilliant student in her former years, she believes that along with academics; educational toys, puzzles and books play an important role in the development of a child. Each and every toy and book at Khushi is handpicked by her after a lot of research and she ensures that all child members’ needs are met. Stellar quality at reasonable price is her mantra and has been the core value of Khushi.

Our Logo

Messy hands dipped in color create an impression of fun, play and of a child being herself. Our logo takes an inspiration from the fact that children are unique and each child needs nurturing so that she can make an impression. Through our products and services we aim at bringing out the uniqueness of your child and help her make an impression.


Got Best Kids Toy Library Award from Kids Stop press in year 2017.