Khushi toys and book library is an online toys and books library. We provide toys and books on rent to our member’s .We have toys, puzzles, games, flashcards, Educational books, Story books to aid the complete development of your child. We have toys and books for age group starting from 3 months plus to adult.

Khushi is not just a book and toy library it is a treasure of knowledge & fun delivered at your doorstep. We are your knowledge partner and in us you can find support to engage your children and make them happy. We provide continuous updates and advice to parents who seek the best of books and educational toys for their children. Save space and money as you can borrow good quality toys and books from Khushi’s collection. It will also inculcate the value of sharing in them.

  • We have wide variety of toys, board games and books for each age group with international standard. We have toys for age group between 3 months to adult.
  • We have handpicked toys and books from all over the world.
  • At Khushi toys and book library we give top most priority to quality and hygiene of toys. We make sure that toys are sanitized before each delivery to client.
  • We have courteous and well trained staff which helps our clients according to requirement of their child.
  • Our toy range is educational, appealing and has been built to provide new learning experiences. We have a stellar range of over 3000 educational toys, games, puzzles and an amazing range of board games to suit children of varied age groups. All our toys follow a strict hygiene regime and are well suited for children. They are durable, easy to clean and can be easily transported.
  • We have toys for every child development skills such as Cognitive Development, Social and Emotional Development, Speech and Language Development, Fine Motor Skill Development, Gross Motor Skill Development.
  • We, at Khushi toys and book library, have toys of established International and Indian brands that you as a consumer trust such as Fisher price, Lakeshore, logico, Learning resources, Blue and orange, Game wright, Frank,Ravesnburger, Briar Patch, chalks and chulkles,clever cubes, dr. woods, fatbrains,haba,hape,giggleberry,gigamics,jax etc..
  • We specialize in providing books by series on various genres. We have top brand books such as World Book, Grolier, Time life, Dr. seuss, Usborne etc.
  • Our quality and range is top-notch, has been built after an in-depth research and reflects our customers’ culture and interests. We make sure all our titles are engaging and nurture a love for reading.
  • We have different membership plans to suit your needs.

There are many benefits in renting verses buying. As children grow big, they outgrow toys. Moreover, they always want variety of toys and get bored with the same toys. Renting is an economical solution as compared to buying. And our homes, too, don’t have space to stock unlimited toys. Renting toys enables parents to keep their homes clutter-free while also providing a wide range of toys for their kids.


User can register online. In case you need any help with the registration process, you can call / WhatsApp on 9833920865 or write to us at arunakaria78@gmail.com and we will guide you.

While registering online, user can pay with any credit card, Debit card, AMEX card or online bank transfer. In case user wants to pay by cash or cheque, they can come to our library and do payment.

We work on a “point” system and not “number-of-toys” system because all products differ widely with regard to their price, brand, durability, etc. Each product is assigned a specific number of points based on certain factors, most important factors being the price and the estimated durability of each product. These points are pre-assigned and are indicated on the website below each product.

We have two categories of plans, one is toys plus books and other is only books categories. In each category there are different plans. In case of toys plus books we have 1 months, 3 months and 11 months plan. In case of only books category we have 1 month, 3 month, 6 months, and 12 months plan. Each plan gives you a specific number of points to be used in specific duration. You may visit our Registration Plan page for more information.

Registration charges – these are one-time non-refundable charges.

Membership charges – these are charges for using our services and are based on the plan selected by member.

Refundable Deposit – this is refundable at the time of termination of membership (After clearing remaining charges if any for example damage charges etc.).

Internet payment handling charges - these charges will be 3 % of your total payment charges. For example user is selecting 1 month toys and book plan then total transaction charges will be 2000 (Membership charges) + 5000 ( Refundable Deposit) + 500 (Registration charges ) = 7500 ₹. So it will be 3 % of 7500₹ which is 225 ₹. So in all user has to pay 7725 ₹.

In case user is paying offline there will be no internet payment handling charges.

If member renews his/her account before or on the day of account expiry, we add remaining points to his account. After date of expiry points will not be added.

You can renew your membership at any point of time.

You can take a break in the following ways.

  • Any time within the plan term by returning the products that you have in your possession, without placing another order.
  • After the expiry of your plan term. If within 3 months of expiry, user does not renew plan, users account will be cancelled and then user have to do registration again if he wish to join again.


We have the following types of products:

  • Toys & Games
  • Puzzles
  • Flashcards
  • Mats
  • Educational Books
  • Story Books

Yes, all over products have an age criteria. This will help you select the products appropriate to your child depending upon his/her age. However, these age ranges are indicative. We believe that every child is unique and every child learns at his/her own speed. We, therefore, strongly recommend that parents select the products based on the specific considerations of their child.

We have provided search filters, which allow to you search by category, age-group, Brand of product and points associated with product.

It’s simple. Log-in to our website and click on the “Add to Cart” button below the desired product(s). The product(s) will get added to your Cart. Once you are done with your selection, click on the “Check Out” button on the Cart and your order will be placed.

Member can rent maximum of 16 points at any point of time depending upon plan he has registered for.

You should click on “notify me”, so whenever it is available we will inform you via mail.

Our team at Khushi is constantly researching on the toys, books etc. Available in the global market. However, given the immense variety of kid’s products that keep entering the market today, it could always happen that we don’t have a certain toy, book or in stock. In that case, please click on link "Suggest a Toy" on home page and enter details. Depending upon the availability of the requested item in the market, we will try and arrange the same for you.

We offer our members the benefit of door-step delivery and pick-up hence you don’t need to visit our library.

You will receive the ordered products within 3 days from the date of your order. This applies to new orders as well as exchange orders.

Members can keep items maximum of 15 days. However if member wants to exchange items before that, then they can always place other order or so previous items will be returned to us in exchange of new items.

Yes, user will get intimation via email on 13th, 14th and 15th day that u need to exchange products.

If users wishes to keep it more than 15 days, it will be counted as new order only.

If user wants to place another order, it is mandatory to return previous order to library.

For every plan we have two free deliveries. If members wants more deliveries then one point will be deducted from their account per delivery. If user wants to return any order and does not want to place new order then returning of products will be counted as one delivery.

For every new order user placed , if user has previous order he has to return that order completely when our delivery person comes for new order delivery . It is by default understood that if user is placing new order he wants to exchange previous order. If user only wants to return order (no new products are ordered) there is return facility, where user can intimate us.

Yes, you need to count items and number of pieces in each item before our delivery person leaves your premises. We are not responsible if something is missing after that.

Yes, the entire order will be delivered / exchanged / picked-up at the same time.

If you find yourself unable to attend to the delivery / pick-up on a particular date, you can call us on our customer service number and we shall adjust the visit accordingly, provided we have been informed well in advance.


You can renew your membership by clicking on the “membership plans” tab on the home page. On that page there is an option of buying new membership.

No sharing of membership is strictly not allowed.

We will send you a reminder via email as your renewal date approaches.


For discontinuing your membership, you may send us an e-mail at our registered email address or call / WhatsApp on 9833920865 and our representative will get in touch with you for the formalities. However we will not refund any money apart from deposit.

You will get your deposit back within 15 working days from the date of termination.


This is an aspect we are extremely particular about. We give utmost importance to hygiene and sanitization of the products. Each item is thoroughly sanitized when it comes back and also when it goes out again. It is Re-packed if re-packing is required.

Yes. We expect parents to return toys in a clean state. We are happy to give suggestions on cleaning. However the returned toy will again be cleaned before being recycled

Loss or damage is not uncommon and we fully empathize with our members in such events. Normal wear and tear in fine, but if the damage renders the products unusable, it becomes necessary for us to replace the product to make it available to other members, as we would not like a damaged product to be in circulation. Hence, in such situations we will freeze members account and member will get email notification for the same and he/she will get damaged cost in points. When user places next order, if he has mentioned damaged points available, same will be deducted from his account. If points are not available user has to pay it offline and we will unfreeze their account for next order.

We check all items before dispatching them to our members. Therefore, in all probability, you would not experience a situation like this. Nevertheless, if you do receive items in a damaged condition or some of the items are missing, please call our customer care department on 9833920865 and we will sort it out.