Day & Night

SmartGames Day and Night is a fun-filled game of logic that evolves in step with your child’s growing skills. It comes with a base, large, colourful sturdy wooden blocks and a challenge booklet children can use to arrange the blocks to match each challenge. The 48 challenges are divided into 24 easy “daytime” pictures and 24 more difficult “nighttime” silhouettes. To play, choose a challenge according to the player’s age. Arrange the playing pieces to construct the scene shown on the challenge which is either in detail (daytime) or in outline (nighttime), according to the skill level of your challenge card. Compare the stacked pieces to the image on the challenge card, does it match? Day and Night is ingeniously designed to get young minds thinking about spatial perception, colours and shapes; it’s a game kids can’t get enough of that also has a meaningful impact on their development.

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1 wooden stand, 10 pcs, 1 spiral book

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