The game is composed of cards with characteristics, characteristics defining the character of each player (German, French, Russian?) and objectives. At the beginning of a round, each player gets a character. This character consists of 1 nationality, 1 drink and 1 localization and, inevitably, 1 gesture and 1 word he has to pronounce when they clink glasses. The cards ?aperitif? are mixed and posed face hidden in the center of the table. They consist also of 3 characteristics, but are mixed this time (f.e. a German drinks champagne in front of Big Ben). The active player turns over a card ?aperitif?. It is necessary to look at it well if one of your characteristics is on the card which has been just turned over; you will have to make the gesture associated with the drink and to pronounce the word associated with the nationality of that character. Inevitably, it is the fastest player who will win the card.
The game ends when all ?aperitif? cards have been played.Khushi Online Library is Mumbai’s best library for renting branded toys, books and board games. If you wish to rent online a specific toy, book or board game and you have difficulty in finding it on our online library, then please write to, we will be happy to help.

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