Dr. Khushnaz

Khushi Toys and Books Library is truly a world in itself!! The moment you enter that place, you are greeted with eager smiles wanting to suggest the best toys/games/books to suit your child’s needs. Their range is vast!! You shall surely be spoilt for choice here. Aruna and Tina are personally involved in helping moms choose the toys. One often wonders, “what do they not have?” Also if a parent recommends a toy/game then they try to add it to their enormous collection! My daughter was not even 2.5 years old when i enrolled myself here n now she’s 5 n still looks forward to her bag of new wonders each week. The toys are very clean and in very good shape. Earlier I was skeptical about toy libraries as most have run down stuff but here, each toy n book is new and is used by members who also believe in maintaining them exceedingly well… They also have activity boxes which help in training toddlers for school interviews!

So if u are looking for your child’s overall cognitive development along with loads fun, Khushi Library is the place to be!