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Top 10 Reasons to Sign up with Khushi Online Library.
  • We deliver safe and sanitized toys. With 5000+ rented toys at Khushi Library, we never experienced an issue with our cleaning process. Our cleaning and sanitization process meets the highest cleaning standards to ensure that toys are germ free and disinfected.
  • Since every child is unique, we learn about your child’s play preferences and needs and suggest the most appropriate toys for each child. You can also go through Aruna Recommends on the website to start with.
  • Keeps your kids Off Digital Screens. We have in store engaging play toys, books and board games.With Khushi you will see how our toys and activities improves your child’s skills overtime.
  • Khushi Online Library is Mumbai’s Best Library for kids because of its collection of international brands of toys, books, and board games.We have totally transformed the way kids grow and learn, while they have fun playing with their favorite toys or reading their favourite books.
  • Khushi is not just a book and toy library it is a treasure of knowledge & fun delivered at your doorstep.Currently Khushi Online Library caters to clients from across Mumbai.
  • With Khushi Library Membership parents get their Me time from kids.
  • The Khushi Online Library has the safest online ordering and online payment facility.
  • Simple, Friendly & Affordable pricing with a catalog of leading international brands of toys, books and board games to rent online
  • Khushi Online Library has been awarded as the best toy and book library in Mumbai.
  • By becoming a member of Khushi Online Library, you protect our planet with fewer toys in landfills.So start renting toys and books online.

So, why wait? Become a member of the Khushi Online Library Today and rent online.

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